Audio Renderer Error

How To Fix The Audio Renderer Error On Windows

More Windows users report regularly that they’re seeing an audio renderer error. Sometimes they even get hung up on the loading of a website or just in general the audio gets stuck or doesn’t work at all. A quick solution is to look in the system tray or system and find the “hwndwr” setting. It’s possible the audio driver is broken or it’s just not working with your specific version of Windows.

Before you do anything you should always back up your system. Unfortunately if you don’t have a backup then you may need to rollback your operating system. Many Windows operating systems will allow you to go into the control panel and find device drivers. Once you find your audio renderer error, make sure to click on the option for updating device drivers and then let it download and install the latest updates. This is not a big deal but it is necessary.

If you’re still encountering the audio renderer error after applying these fixes you should try one of the following solutions. It’s highly likely that Windows is having some sort of issue. Perhaps device drivers are corrupted, or the system isn’t completely up to speed on how to recognize and load the device drivers. One of the first things you can try is using a registry cleaner program.

These programs are very easy to use and they do an excellent job repairing a variety of errors. Unfortunately they aren’t designed specifically for fixing audio renderer errors. However many users have found these programs to do the job. Just in case you haven’t tried using one of these programs, here’s what you can do:

If you didn’t use a registry cleaner program and you still encounter the audio troubleshooter error Windows has just updated. What you’ll probably need to do is download and run a program called a Windows System Repair to find and fix all the problems inside your PC. It’s very easy to use and it’s free. Just in case you didn’t know, this is the same program that Microsoft uses to check whether your PC is infected with any malicious viruses or spyware. So it’s highly recommended you run a Windows System Repair once you suspect that your audio device is not working properly.

The last thing you can do to fix this audio renderer error is to download and run a YouTube video conversion utility program. Many users have found this program to work wonders and they’ve been able to fix this error without having to resort to any kind of technical stuff. Just in case you haven’t used a program like this before, it’s highly recommended you download and install it on your system.